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New Unfold Hold’em Game Rewrites the Poker Rule Book

For those familiar with the classic poker game of Texas Hold’em, be prepared to rip up the rule book and get involved in a new style of poker. An exciting, all-action game variant called Unfold Hold’em has been recently unveiled. Giving players a second chance to win with every single hand they play. The brainchild of one of the world’s leading online poker rooms, PokerStars, it is currently available to play on 6-max No Limit cash game tables as a means of testing the water.

Unfold Hold’em all-action game

For beginners that just want to experience as many hands of poker as possible, Unfold Hold’em will certainly provide an all-action game. The additional side pot gives players a chance to win with every hand – regardless of whether they are dealt good cards to begin with. We’ve all been there – sitting at a poker table and feeling ‘card dead’. Continuously folding and waiting for the right hand to appear. Worse still, we’ve all folded rubbish pre-flop hands only to see that they would have flopped the nuts.

New side pot

That’s why Unfold Hold’em could have such a big impact on the casual poker playing scene in nations where poker is only now taking off, such as India. The advent of Unfold Hold’em means that you’ll never have to feel that frustration ever again. At the beginning of each Unfold Hold’em hand, players are required to pay an Unfold ante. Which forms the exciting new side pot. The hand then begins and plays out in the same way as a typical game of Texas Hold’em. All players bet, call or fold in turn until the flop is dealt by the dealer. Once the first three community cards are visible, players that folded pre-flop have the choice of ‘unfolding’ their hand to play for the Unfold antes.

Those that wish to play for the Unfold pot must place a single bet totalling the sum of the Unfold antes. All eligible players that folded their hand pre-flop must make the decision to play for the side pot simultaneously. Once players have decided to unfold their hand, those who do cannot make any more bets during the hand. The remainder of the hand is played out between the players that hadn’t folded pre-flop and are using the community cards to make their winning hand. The Unfold side pot is eventually awarded to the player with the highest-value five-card poker hand. Once the river (final) card has been shown.

What if a player takes down the main pot on the flop or turn card? If the Unfold side pot is still up for grabs, the dealer must continue to deal the remaining community cards. To determine the winner of the additional pot. Presently, the Unfold side pot is only activated once four or more players are dealt in at the six-max cash game tables.


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