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Leicester really are top are three contenders and here is why

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is repeating something and expecting a different result. I am pretty sure the man who developed the theory of relativity wasn’t referring to the beautiful game, but his wise words are relevant to what we see happening in the EPL today.

Whisper it, or shout it from the rooftops, but Leicester City are the genuine article. Perhaps the surprising thing is that people are so slow to realise—or perhaps accept—the fact.

Eyebrows were raised when Brendan Rodgers moved south of the border to take over at the East Midlands club last year. A quarter of the way into his first full season at the club, and his Leicester side are already more fancied by the bookies to win the title than the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and Spurs. The thing is, though, most people—and I am not just talking about fans of those three clubs—will fully expect “normal service” to resume next year. The only reason to believe that is simply because that is the way it has always been. Manchester United are bound to overtake Leicester because, well, they are Manchester United and Leicester are Leicester. I would invite those people to take a look around the world at the moment. Things are not like they always were. Things are different now. Bringing it back to the EPL, there are two main reasons why.


Reason One, Leicester

The shifting of the landscape temporarily in 2015/16, and perhaps more permanently now, certainly has not hindered the Foxes. But it would be unfair to pin their success purely down to the failure of other teams as opposed to their own efforts and abilities. If you look at how Brendan Rodgers sets up his side and sends them out to play, and also if you listen to how they are described as a team by pundits and journalists alike, they merely try to score more goals than the opposition. That again is grossly unfair. If you look at the stats, no side has conceded fewer goals than Leicester. Only Manchester City have scored more, though Leicester’s stats are obviously rather skewed by their mauling of


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